Oral sex illustarated

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  1. Tygozshura
    Tygozshura1 year ago

    When I was in school 50 years ago we were told the metric system would soon be adapted here soon. Different units, but much simpler and more intuitive than imperial. If not for drugs and liquor that was false hope.

  2. Guramar
    Guramar1 year ago

    I'm adamant about it too. No use sitting on the side of the road and Freddy Krueger stops to help you. Funny thing about men being so adamant about it, they'll stand around and watch you do it to see if you know what you're doing. Or be insulted if you decline the help. Make up your minds.:/

  3. Kezshura1 year ago

    J'aime courir sur le lit

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